How Will Augmented Reality Change Education?

Most of the education providers, especially teachers, tutors, and lecturers are aware of the fact that the current modes of education, reading and listening to lectures are becoming outdated quickly. Hence, they are accepting new ways of making education more interactive and creative. One of the ways that make education less boring and more engaging is the adoption of augmented reality. How? Keep scrolling to find out.

Making the Boring Interesting

One of the ways augmented reality is changing the world of education is that it allows even the most boring subject like history to become interesting. Thanks to AR, a person can walk through times and places in history. This helps students to conceptualize the situation and circumstances in a better manner.

Browsing Becomes Hassle Free

With augmented reality making its place in the world of education, students also get to save time. For instance, a student can use the power of AR to scan pictures and get more information regarding the same. A student can also scan a book cover to know what the book is about and avoid spending hours in the library.

Ensuring that Nothing is Difficult

As teachers and lecturers can create three-dimensional models about anything thanks to augmented reality, students can approach a problem in different ways and develop a more concrete understanding of it. AR also helps students to make theoretical possible and learn through visuals, which is a better option than just reading textbooks for most people.

Skill Development is Easy

Augmented reality helps students to acquire real-world skills like the skills needed to operate heavy machinery such as a crane without actually setting a foot at a construction site. This kind of learning is appreciated by students as they can try their hand at various skills and pursue a few that tempt them to choose as a profession. This learning is also appreciated by industry recruiters who prefer the new additions to the company to not just have textbook knowledge but a sliver of real-world experience as well.


In essence, it can be seen that augmented reality is making education easier for the students as well as the teachers. Students get to understand concepts rather than just reading them (or worse, skimming them) while teachers have the tools to not only engage the attention of all the students but to keep them hooked throughout the lessons.

Is Virtual Reality the Future of Online Dating?

It is a fact that the virtual industry revenue is expected to surpass USD 20 billion by 2020. It is also a fact that one in six US citizens accept that they make use of an online dating service. When these two powerful industries cross path, you can expect nothing but wonderful innovations.

Change is Coming

At the moment, when someone uses a dating app, he or she talks to strangers using a chat application. Only after chatting with the stranger for a few weeks or months someone braves a one on one meet. But imagine a scenario where you can not only talk to a random stranger but go on the first date with him or her in the world of VR. You will be able to have dinner at a restaurant near the Eiffel Tower or watch the New York Broadway shows. This will soon be the new reality thanks to the advancements coming in the world of chips and cloud computing.

Better Protection from Threats

A few things that prevent people to trust online dating without a doubt are the fear of getting catfished or the fear of getting swindled. Though virtual reality cannot guarantee that the person you are going on a virtual date with won’t con you or simply waste your time, it will help you to know the person better and develop a better understanding of who he or she is. Also, the verified avatars of the person you are dating will make you feel a lot safer. Maintaining long-distance relationships will also be easy thanks to virtual reality as date nights will be more than a once in a year thing.

Expressing Emotions Becomes Easier

No matter how much emojis you use to express your emotions, using virtual reality will enhance the experience of expressing your emotions. When you are in a romantic setting with a date, you will be able to find the right words more quickly and test whether you like the person or not.

Being Cautious is Always Advised

Even when virtual reality makes VR dates a common thing, it is advised you still be cautious of who you are talking to and take some basic precautions like choosing a secure and public venue for your first meeting to ensure your safety. Remember VR world can help you know a person better, but it can’t guarantee anything, especially other person’s intentions.

Walmart is Looking into VR Shopping

The world as we know it is changing at such a rapid pace that it’s hard to keep up with the changes for most people. One of the technological inventions that’s leading the change is the VR, virtual reality technology that allows a person to have an interactive computer-generated experience with sight and sound.

Cashing in on People’s Interest

As people’s interest in the VR technology is growing day by day, companies and big brands are preparing to cash in on it. One brand that has accepted VR and is allowing the customers to enjoy the same is Walmart. It recently launched a 3D virtual shopping tour on its website that allows the customers to browse through and pick the items they need for their house.

The 3D Virtual Home Shopping Tour

As a part of this virtual home shopping tour, the customers can visit a curated apartment that showcases around 70 items from national brands as well as private label offerings of Walmart. The customers can add a group of items to their carts that will offer a complete look for their homes and apartments.

The customers also have the option to buy a room with up to 20 items in it at once. Though this option is best suited for small homeowners and people who live in dorms, there are plans to expand and cover the needs of big house owners in the future.

Preparing for the Future

Walmart prepared itself for the world of virtual reality in February this year by acquiring Spatialand, a small VR shop that is expected to be at the core of VR efforts made by the retail chain. Walmart also hopes that it will soon transform the shopping experience at all websites and stores associated with it to take the customer experience to the next level.

Wise Moves by Walmart

The moves made by Walmart to get ahead of the competition as far as virtual reality is concerned are smart enough when you look at some stats. According to estimates, using technology in retail and marketing might generate USD 1.8 billion in 2022. It is also a fact that AR and VR startups raised USD 3.6 billion in 12 months before the end of the first quarter of 2018.

Maybe it’s time for other retailers to take the cue from Walmart and think of enhancing customer experience through virtual reality too.