The days of using a Playstation just to play video games are long gone. These days many people are using the popular game consoles to check out virtual reality porn videos. With the Playstation VR, visiting VR porn sites is effortless. For anyone who is wondering on how to watch VR porn, it is not that difficult. That’s partly due to what the Playstation VR gives users access to. The headset lets users not only use apps to check out VR porn, but access to a browser on the internet. Combined together they open the door to endless virtual reality porn viewing. The browser is a freeway to top VR porn sites all across the globe.

The first thing you want to do is go to whatever selected browser you have on PS4 console. Using the browser will allow you navigate to any adult site you want. Finding virtual reality porn of your choosing can be done rather quickly since there are tons of sites offering them. For instance, there’s Pornhub, VRPorn, Badoink VR and several others. In addition to this method, you can also download apps. Any of them will let you see media of this type. Using the VR media player or apps, lets you go through whatever porno movies you have stored on your hard drive.

One of the best things about looking at VR porn on your Playstation VR is the options available. A person doesn’t necessarily have to download the videos to look at them. They can also stream them right from other sites. YouTube has tons of videos you can stream this way. But the only setback is that they are not hardcore VR porn since YouTube doesn’t allow adult content. Additionally, the 360-degree videos available on YouTube may appear somewhat blurry. Interestingly enough, the Playstation VR had some issues at the beginning. At first, the headgear was not able to support videos recorded in 360-degrees. However, they have since rectified this issue and now users are able to do so.

To begin watching any downloaded VR porn video on your PS4 and Playstation VR, do the following. Using a computer or laptop, go to your favorite adult site. From the category tab, select the VR porn section. Remember though, most sites will not let you download the virtual reality porn movies unless you sign up. Once you have done so, click on the download link. The sites will offer you choices on which format you want to do so. In order for the VR porn content to work, it is crucial that you make sure that the format is correct. Equirectangular format is the one which this content has to be capture in. Select Playstation VR and then begin the download.

Once you are done, move the porn videos to your thumb drive. Insert the flash drive to your PS4 console. Keep in mind that unless you have v2.50 on your Media Player App, you will not be able to see them. So be sure you updated it accordingly. The next step is using the Media Player app to open the files on your thumb drive. Once you have done so, put your Playstation VR headset on and hit the power on button. Next, go to your dualshock controller and hold the options button. From the menu, click or select the VR mode. You should now be looking at some erotic, salacious and arousing VR porno.